Mindfulness in Motion

Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm  // @ Tribe, 1819 W Belmont



You're dreaming big about your ideal life - who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to go. You have an amazing vision of what that looks like and then a voice pops into your head that says "You're not good/brave/smart/good-looking/dedicated enough to accomplish that." And your dream disappears as quickly as a balloon accidentally released to the sky.

That voice is a liar. You ARE enough. You are AMAZING.

In this class we'll use journaling, visualization, and dancing to quiet that voice so you can be the strong, empowered, amazing person you are meant to be.

Come to clear your mind, move your body, and center your soul. You'll leave feeling refreshed & more self-aware (physically & mentally) - the benefits of devoting time to self care - plus you'll gain clarity on how to bring more positive feelings into your week and a plan to move you closer to your desires.

Wear comfortable clothing & bring a journal.

*Teens welcome

Each week we focus on a new theme.  In February, we'll be working on "F"words.  

2/7 - Fear

2/14 - Forgiveness

2/21 - Failure

2/28 - Focus