Love Yourself

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Have you been feeling the love this week?  I know I have.  And a lot of the love I feel... comes from me.  Because if there's one thing I've learned over the last few years, it's that you really, truly have to love yourself first.  It's that whole put on your own oxygen mask first philosophy.  Plus loving on yourself teaches you so much about how to love others.

I thought you might appreciate some new ideas (or reminders) of how to show yourself some love, so I put together a list for you!

Here's my top 5 ways to show yourself some love.

#1 Give Yourself A Break

Let yourself off the hook (yes, FORGIVE yourself) for the mistake you're beating yourself up about. 

Take a few minutes or a few hours or a few days off. 

Go to bed early and allow yourself to get as much sleep as you need. 

Giving yourself a break can take many forms, but no matter which you choose as best for you - remember… YOU DESERVE IT!

#2 Treat Yourself To A Treat

What's something that you consider a real, honest-to-goodness treat?  Maybe it's something you don't let yourself have or do very often?  Is it buying a fancy bar of chocolate or picking up something delicious from the local bakery?  What about taking yourself out to dinner at your favorite restaurant? 

Of course, the treat doesn't have to be food.  What about going for a massage or a pedicure or to the sauna?  Or a trip to the movies?  You could buy yourself a new book (or yarn or lego kit or board game… whatever fits your hobbies).  And it doesn't have to be expensive.  Just framing it as "I'm going to treat myself today" can make a purchase in the dollar section at Target feel like a total luxury.

#3 Spend Time Doing Something Relaxing

What could you do for yourself that would allow you to let out a nice sigh and let go?  For me, I love taking baths.  A hot bath is the ultimate self love & relaxation.  I can keep it simple (hot water and some Epsom salts) or fancy it up (bath oil, face masks, body scrubs).  Either way, slipping into the warm water allows any negativity and stress to slip away. 

Don't like baths? (I'm not sure how this is possible… but just in case)

Reading a book or magazine, writing in a journal, meditating or doing deep breathing - are all ways to relax.  And if you're ever stuck for ideas - close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself "What could I do right now that would bring me relaxation?"

#4 Write Yourself a LOVE LETTER

Check you negative self talk at the door and focus on how incredible you are.  Sometimes we talk to ourselves in a way we would never, ever talk to a friend.  Sometimes it can be tricky to re-wire that pattern of negative self talk.  One tool I find super helpful is writing letters.  So write a letter to yourself describing all the reasons you are GREAT.  It might describe your accomplishments, nice things you've done for other people, and things you're doing (no matter how small) to be your best self.  Don't hold back!  Write this letter as if you are hopelessly in love with yourself. 

The best part about this?  On hard days, you'll have something to remind yourself of why you're so AWESOME!


And last, but certainly not least….

#5 Move Your Body!

Want to feel great?  Generate all those good feelings?  Have a 2 song dance party.  Practice a few of your favorite yoga poses.  Spend time stretching.  Jump up and down a few times.  Go for a walk.  Move your body in a way that feels good for you, and then spend a moment in gratitude for all of the amazing things your body is capable of. 


So… how are you going to show yourself some love this week?  Is it one of these ideas, or something that I missed?  Pick (at least) one way you're going to love on yourself this week and then pop over to the Soul Centered Facebook Group and share.  Announcing it will help you stay accountable and actually do it… and will give others from the Soul Centered Community new ideas for themselves.  I call that a win-win.