Mindfulness in Motion:

Feelings for Healing Series


Tuesdays 7:00-8:15pm  // @ Tribe, 1819 W Belmont



Deep exploration of our innermost feelings helps us let go of the past and discover what we desire in our present & future.  In this series, we'll discover how tapping into these feelings unleashes our personal power.  

Week 1: Authenticity & the Power of Truth

Week 2: Vulnerability & the Power of Being Seen

Week 3: Self-Compassion & the Power of Loving Yourself No Matter What

Week 4: Courage & The Power of Feeling your Fear

Week 5: Gratitude & the Power of Appreciation

Week 6: Communication & The Power of Listening

Week 7: Joy & the Power of Play

Week 8: Purpose & the Power of Intention

Week 9: Momentum & the Power of Ease

Week 10: Forgiveness & the Power of Letting Go


Will this series be offered again?

This series was offered in the Summer of 2017.  Currently, these classes can be booked as single workshops or workshop series for your company or private event.  If you're interested in booking an event or seeing it back on the Soul Centered Schedule, please Contact Us to let us know.