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Have you ever sat down from a long day and known you were in desperate need for some self care, but you were just so mentally drained that the best you could do was scroll mindlessly through your social media feed?

Or noticed the way the stress from your day was trapped in your body - your tight shoulders and aching back and sore feet - but didn’t know what to do about it?

A few years ago it felt like everywhere I went everyone - and I mean everyone from colleagues to Oprah - was saying that I needed to meditate.  So I tried.  But even when I actually managed to sit myself down and settle my mind, I always felt like something was missing.  The 5 or 10 or 20 minutes would be up and I’d open my eyes and my body would say “What about me?!?!”

As a lifelong dancer, I have always been acutely aware of the way I process emotions and experiences in my physical body.  I have clear memories of walking into a dance class on a terrible day and crying my way through a warm up until being in the studio and moving my body allowed me to release the events of the day and find peace and clarity.

But it was short lived.  

The process of achieving the relief wasn’t intentional, so the effects didn’t last long.

I continued along my path of personal development - reading tons of books, practicing different forms of self care and learning more about how to activate the mind-body connection.  

Now I’ve put together a decade of knowledge to create Soul Support - a membership program that brings movement, meditation, and journaling practices together and mixes them with community support.

The first session of Soul Support kicks off in December and will be a 3 month series focusing on (drumroll please…)

F Words!

That’s right - we’ll be digging deep about our Feelings in December, our Fears in January, and maybe one of the biggest F words out there - Forgiveness in February.

What will you get when you become a member of Soul Support?

Each month you’ll receive access to a private Facebook group, where all of our events and discussion will happen, including:

- 2 one hour Mindfulness in Motion classes.  You will have access to the replay of these for the duration of the program and as long as your membership is active. Classes will be held on Thursdays at 7pm CST.  The schedule is:

December (topic: Feelings): 12/6, 12/20

January (topic: Fear): 1/3, 1/17

February (topic: Forgiveness): 1/31, 2/21

- Suggested reading related to the monthly theme

- Journaling prompts

- Tips and tricks for incorporating more movement, mindfulness and writing into your day, one moment at a time

- Community discussion and support

- Mentorship from me

Are you ready to breathe more deeply, move more freely and give your soul the support it deserves?


Become a Soul Support Subscriber:

Still not convinced? 

Soul Support is for you if you’ve ever:

- Felt a physical manifestation of your stress and anxiety (I’m talking tight shoulders, clenched jaw, nervous stomach).

- Attempted to meditate but found it didn’t quite work for you

- Noticed a positive change in your attitude after moving your body (by going for a walk, working out, dancing in the kitchen…)

- Wished you could take a dance/movement/meditation class but couldn’t find one that fit your schedule

- Been more likely to stick to something if you were part of a group or had some accountability

- Wanted to feel more happy, positive feelings on a daily basis

Are you ready to join us?! Scroll up to register!

(Have questions about Soul Support? Email for answers)