Waltz of the Snowflakes

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The holiday season is approaching quickly and with it many traditions.  One of my favorite traditions happens in my classroom.  For years I’ve devoted one class in December entirely to dancing along to the Nutcracker.  First we read the story and then we dance our way through all the parts, playing all the familiar Tchaikovsky songs along the way.  It’s a high energy class that is full of story and action and leaves everyone sweaty and happy at the end.

While this is a great experience that works for me, it’s hard to share it beyond the four walls of my own classroom.  Parents can’t help their children continue the dancing at home unless they are already familiar with the ballet and all its parts.  Educators (especially non-dance educators) have the same problem - plus they are often limited by the existing structure of their lesson plans where they teach.

Which is why I was SO EXCITED when I came across this board book version of the The Nutcracker.  It’s one of many board books in the BabyLit series - which introduces favorite classics to little ones.  This book is perfect for making a tradition of dancing the Nutcracker at home or in the classroom. 

Simply put on your favorite Nutcracker tune (mine is In the Pine Forest - which happens right before the Waltz of the Snowflakes) and read along.  Each page introduces you to different characters and their movements: Mice prancing, soldiers marching, snowflakes swirling…  it’s all right there for you and it only takes a few minutes!  Easy peasy.  

I hope this helps you incorporate the Nutcracker into your holiday fun!