Creativity: Notes from our Salon on August 8, 2016


Conversations as creative pursuits

Thinking of creativity as musical talent, calligraphy

Imagination as creativity

How you express yourself


Elizabeth Gilbert's ideas of:

- ancestors were creative in order to survive

- the act of choosing curiosity over fear

I want to live in a world full of...

Who am I? What right do I have to take up other people's time?

- having new ideas = creativity

- medical professionals - also artistic in some way

Understanding there's another way to express yourself

Great artists are able to think critically and creatively.

Feeling of discovering your creativity.

Talent & Creativity comes in many forms

Shared creativity v creativity that you keep to yourself.

Performance v visual art

How did we box creativity in?  Limited thinking

Adults saying to children "you're not very creative" and "don't even try that because you're not creative"

If you hear something enough, you'll start to believe it - good or bad.  (is this true?  sometimes? always?)

Final Thought

be able to see, support, acknowledge and recognize other people's creativity.  Be the person that helps bring that out of other people.  

Boxing creativity in v allowing it to be openminded thinking - sharing ideas.

Ripple effect of our own creativity and supporting the creativity of others

Speak your truth - when I see others speak their truth/be their authentic selves - it's inspiring and beautiful.