Start Before You're Ready

Start before you're ready.

You've heard this before, right?  Yeah.  Me too.  

And I've taken it to heart:

Start a class next week - sure!

Throw together a fundraiser where I'm in charge of… almost everything - I got it!

Except, I don't have it.  I have something, though.  I have me running around like a 3 year old who's been cooped up all winter and just got dropped off in their first ever dance class and WOW is the studio a fun place to speed around in circles!  Yup, circles.  I have me, running around in circles.  And then I arrive at the event or the class or the whatever exhausted, overworked, and with not enough attendees.

So it finally hit me.  Maybe I've been interpreting "start" the wrong way.

"Start" does not mean "Do the thing RIGHT NOW."  It means take the first step.  

I think this phrase is trying to say you're never going to feel ready so stop waiting to be ready and just start.  But starting is different than LAUNCHING.  And that's what I've been missing.

I've got a ton of classes and workshops and events that I would love to be teaching NOW, but over the last few months, I've been practicing starting, instead of launching.  I've been doing the prep-work, and making the connections and setting up event links and being a super administrator for my business.

It feels like I've been moving so slowly but I know I've been setting myself up for success.  

And yet… today some deadlines hit and I'm not quite ready.  So it's time to dive anyway, and trust that the universe has my back.

Here's what's happening.  

Today I leave for my Honeymoon.  And the moment I get back I'm launching 3 brand new classes, an existing class is getting a name change, and the Family Dance Party series is finally launching!

Here's the quick & dirty version (because I'm not finished packing so there's no time for fanciness right now) of what's happening starting in October:

I'll be teaching 3 NEW classes:

Boogie Woogie - a dance class for toddlers who are walking up to 3 years old with a caregiver on Tuesdays @10am.

Jump & Jive - a dance class for kids ages 8-12 on Wednesdays @ 4pm.  Perfect for independent movers who want to learn some challenging steps AND love making up their own moves!   

Creativity in Motion - Fridays @ 2pm - FINALLY!  A creative dance class for ADULTS!!  Feel your body unwind, move at your own pace and have fun rediscovering the art of playfulness.   

Meditative Movement is now called Mindfulness in Motion.  (Go ahead - oooo and ahhh.  I like it much better and everyone I've leaked this "secret" to has done the same!)

Monthly Family Dance Parties are coming at ya starting October 22 - kicking off with a Spooky Spectacular!  These are being presenting in partnership with Chicago Danztheatre Ensemble.  Individual tickets are available for the entire 2016-17 season (8 parties in all!) starting NOW and a special Party Pass (which includes all 8 parties and 2 guest passes at a very special price) is available until October 22.  (The Party Pass is only available as a ticket option in the Spooky Spectacular event link.)

So there it is.  I started.  And even though I planned and prepped and set myself up for success, I still don't feel quite ready.  But I will be.  And I hope you will be too.  

Now, I'm gonna go finish packing.  Check out all this cool new stuff and when I get back, I hope to see your name at the top of the registration list!