Seventy-Six Trombones

The lights dim and in the shadows I watch with anticipation as the actors take their places for the opening scene.  I'm here to see my best friend perform the lead of Marian in The Music Man. 

And maybe because I've been reading Brené Brown's Daring Greatly for the last few weeks and hosting events about vulnerability - I am deeply struck at how completely and utterly brave it is for each individual cast member to get up on stage and perform for us. 

There's so much that has happened behind the scenes before these actors took the stage.  The risk of putting yourself out there in an audition, facing potential rejection or the disappointment of not being offered the part you really wanted.  The hard work and growth required during the rehearsal process - where you have to get over yourself to learn new things and respond positively to the guidance and critique of your director because if you don't you face potential failure when it comes to the performance. 

And then there's the moment when you step on stage, not entirely sure if the show is ready, but TRUSTING that everything is happening the way it should.



Even if you love it, there's no doubt that performing requires putting yourself out there over and over again.

I saw the show 3 times.  As I fell into comfortable recognition of the dialogue and lyrics I started to wonder:

What would happen if none of these people showed up as their courageous selves to be here?

Well, there wouldn't be a show.  And on a small scale that might not seem like a big deal, right?  So this production of The Music Man wouldn't have happened. 

But think of the implications.  What if, one by one, we all stopped putting our brave face on when it came to sharing our creativity with others?

Theater, dance and music performances would stop happening.

Books would stop being written.

Seminars, workshops, and classes would no longer be taught.

New approaches to education would come to a halt.

Technology would stop evolving.

We would never find a cure for another disease.

Devastating, right?

What good is a great idea if you never share it with anyone?

Creativity first.  Vulnerability second.  Innovation third.  

Reflect, refine, and repeat.

How are you using Creativity & Vulnerability to share your talents and gifts with others?  Share in the comments.  I'm listening.