I almost didn't go

A couple weeks ago I participated in the Women's March in Chicago.  It was a beautiful, moving, soulful experience for me.  It was inspiring to be surrounded by people who were standing up for beliefs that I hold near and dear to my heart.  It was comforting to see and feel that I am most certainly not alone.  Perhaps, most importantly, I felt myself noticing not just who was there but also who wasn't - and contemplating ways to shift my life to be more inclusive of people who are different than me. 

But, I almost didn't go.



I've never participated in a march or rally before and, honestly, I was scared. 

I was seeing notices about what to do if you got arrested and how you shouldn't wear contacts in case of tear gas and to write your name and phone number on your arm in Sharpie.  There were even warnings about making sure not to wear any clothing or wear your hair in a way that you could be dragged by it. 

I was like "I'm out.  That sounds dangerous.  Why would I do that?"

But then I thought "What will I tell my future children about this day?"  Followed by "How can I say I believe in all these things and then hide at home when it's time to stand up for them?"  Followed by "What kind of person do I want to be?  One who is all talk, or one who takes action?"  I had unleashed a whole stream of reasons to show up.  I'd found my "why".

Fear of the unknown is a big, hairy monster.  And it's no wonder we sometimes look at new things (relationships, career transitions, travel, change of any kind) and take off in the opposite direction. 

But a "why" is stronger.  A why keeps you honest.  A why keeps you motivated through fear and uncertainty.  A why makes difficult choices easier to make.

In the end the Women's March was incredibly peaceful and more quiet than a Saturday night in Wrigleyville.  And I'm so glad I did.

What's your "why"?  I'd love to hear about it, and how it helps you to be your best self.  Pop on over to the Soul Centered Facebook Group (you are a member, right?) and tell me about it!