Run and Hide!

What do you think of when you hear the word "vulnerability"?  When you feel vulnerable, do you numb yourself?  Run and hide?  Feel your way through it?  

I'm no newbie to the topic of Vulnerability.  In fact, if you asked me, I'd probably say something like "Vulnerability is my jam!"  I love talking about it.  I love reading about it.  And I do my best to put into practice all the tools I've learned from Brenè Brown.  

But today, I ran.

Here's what happened:

My intention was to record a video of me dancing as a "preview" for each of the Mindfulness in Motion classes in the Feelings for Healing series this summer.  So while I was in the studio this morning, I got my camera set up... when someone else walked in.  She needed to use the room for a few minutes.  No problem, I said.  And then I packed up and left.  Without recording a video.  

My plan had been to embody the feeling of vulnerability in my movement.  And then life handed me a great opportunity to ACTUALLY be vulnerable and record with someone else in the room.  To be SEEN.  To fully embrace the topic of tomorrow's class.  And I totally bailed on the opportunity.  

That's right.  I blew it. 

As I was walking away, I realized what I had done and realized I needed to "practice what I preach" so to speak.  So I gave myself a challenge.  I would record my video outside, on the sidewalk, with the challenge to dance until at least 5 cars drove by.  

You can check that video out here:


And if you'd like to tap into your vulnerability & the power of being seen, register here for class tomorrow (Tuesday) - 7pm at Tribe where we'll meditate, journal and move in ways that will stretch your comfort zone.  We won't be dancing outside - but we will be getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  :)