What do you stand for?

In light of recent events it occurs to me that while I stand strong in the core values of Soul Centered Movement, you might not know what they are.  Today I'd like to take some time to share those with you.

If we've ever had a conversation about my teaching philosophy & style, you know that I use Creative Dance and Mindfulness classes as a vehicle for exploring many other concepts.

At the heart of all Soul Centered Movement classes is a focus on the values of Creativity, Courage, and Connection. 



Creativity means using your imagination and coming up with new ideas.  Classes are designed to provide a safe space for students to discover their own creativity, receive encouragement on their creative journey, and learn new tools and ideas for living a more creative life. 



Brene Brown says that day to day courage means "putting our vulnerability on the line."  At Soul Centered Movement, that means:

- Letting go of judgements of yourself and others.

- Being authentic, even when it's hard.

- Saying "I don't know" or asking for clarification in a class. 

- Accepting the challenge of stepping outside your comfort zone, knowing when you need more time before trying something new, and practicing self-compassion along the way.

- Valuing process over "perfection".

- Standing up for kindness.



Connection means developing relationships.  At Soul Centered Movement there are opportunities to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with ideas.  The hope is that in creating and investing in these connections, you will gain a sense of wholeness and community. 



My vision for Soul Centered Movement is for it to grow into a thriving community that is inclusive of all types of people.  A place that supports not only the creativity of students but also the brilliance of great teachers and the classes they deeply desire to offer.  I picture classes in dance & movement, somatic practices, mindfulness, parenting, book clubs, and support groups that encourage vulnerability, authenticity, kindness, healing, and FUN!   

I want you to come to Soul Centered Movement events and be able to show up as your truest self, feel accepted as you are, and strengthen your sense of worthiness.



I will fully admit that I do not know exactly how to make this happen but I am learning.  I promise to stay honest and open as the Soul Centered Movement community grows.  I promise to continuously challenge myself to grow by investing in my own education, expanding my own comfort zone, and seeking support and guidance from those around me. 



The beauty of the human experience is how incredibly unique each person is - and yet, we are often linked by so much more than we realize.  In order to create a truly inclusive space, there will be times when members of this community don't agree.  It is the responsibility of each Soul Centered Movement community member (whether you attend one event or many) to lead with kindness.  That does not mean avoiding tough subjects or difficult communications.  It does not mean being dishonest.  It means before you speak or take action, checking in with yourself to ask "Is this kind?  Is this helpful?  Is this true?"  It is understood that some topics we seek to address may lead to passionate discussions.  It is expected that Soul Centered Movement members will keep an open mind and stay curious while sharing their own beliefs.

That being said - Bullying, meanness and hatred will not be tolerated. 



Soul Centered Movement classes are intended as a place for members to strengthen their sense of Creativity, Courage, and Connection in order to continuously become better versions of themselves.  My hope is that the transformations that members experience in class will help each of us go out into the world a bit kinder, braver, and more understanding than before. 


As always, thank you for being on this journey with me. 

With gratitude,