Seventy-Six Trombones

The lights dim and in the shadows I watch with anticipation as the actors take their places for the opening scene.  I'm here to see my best friend perform the lead of Marian in The Music Man. 

And maybe because I've been reading Brené Brown's Daring Greatly for the last few weeks and hosting events about vulnerability - I am deeply struck at how completely and utterly brave it is for each individual cast member to get up on stage and perform for us. 

Carry on. I'll just be hiding in the other room.

Join me for a flashback:

My boyfriend is in the other room with a half decorated Christmas tree and a box of ornaments.  He agreed to come over and help deck the halls.  Even though it's not even Thanksgiving yet.  He seems to like me enough to accept my rationalization that since I skip town to visit family over the holidays, I need to decorate early so I can spend enough quality time with my tree and the lights I love so much.  

Where am I?

I'm hiding in the bedroom in self-imposed time out.